B2B Automotive offers a huge range of services creating a unique one-stop shop for all vehicle maintenance and repairs. Below is a brief summary of just some of our main services, if the service you require is not listed, call today and speak to one of our team who will be more than happy to assist.



If your car is damaged to the point that one or more of its many mechanical systems become faulty we will diagnose the problem and advise you of the most cost effective way forward.

Here are just a few of a vehicles complex systems:

  • Drive Train

  • Regular Electrical and Hybrid electrical

  • Heating and Cooling

  • Braking

  • Air Bags and Passenger Restraints

  • Suspension

  • Exhaust MOT Royston

In some cases, these systems may need to be disabled or removed in order to perform other repairs.  It is important to choose a repair center that can handle mechanical operations as not all repair centers have the knowledge or equipment to perform such repairs.  B2B thrive on problem solving and use current technology to help diagnose, remedy and apply repairs.


Modern vehicles are continually changing and improving.  More gadgets, better technology is less
about what is under the bonnet and more about what is happening in the control panel.
B2B use up-to-date diagnostic equipment (genuine manuafacturer systems) to quickly diagnose issues.
Don't ignore warning symbols as your vehicle is trying to tell you something. Contact one of our technicians for a diagnosis.


Timing belts/cambelt replacements are an important aspect of regular servicing when vehicles are used frequently.  The timing belt/cambelt control the camshafts in the engine which keep it operating effectively and efficiently. If ignored or not changed, it can break or snap, resulting in serious damage to the engine.

It is necessary to know the change interval of your timing belt/cambelt as going over the manufacturers’ recommendation can lead to a slipped or snapped belt.   B2B will assess and advise you ensuring that changes are not overlooked or compromised.



Many drivers are unaware when a clutch is faulty which means that their vehicle will be under performing. B2B provide FREE Clutch health checks to ensure that your gear changes operate efficiently. Call to arrange for one our technicians to take a look.



How good are your brakes?  Book a FREE check with us today and stay safe on the road.


If a repair or replacement is needed, a no-obligation quote will be provided.  All work is guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles (whichever is sooner).



We offer competative repairs and servicing for a wide range of Generators. 

  • Fuel and oil checks.

  • Lubricating system checks.

  • Cooling system checks.

  • Control Panel & Instrument checks.

  • Exhaust system checks.

  • Engine electrical system checks.

Call us today to discuss a tailored generator servicing packages to suit your business.